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The Graphics Creator of this Website is


Many of the graphics reproduce the subjects of his original paintings, visible on the site:

ART Prints on High-Quality Canvas


future girl collection -dilameart

All the graphics of the products of the “Future Girl” Collection were created by DilameART with Artificial Intelligence (AI) programs, therefore they are “original” and cannot be found elsewhere.


open live music collection /presentation collage image - dilameart

Open Live Music

A collection of original products  created  for all  music lovers, of all kinds.

sea club collection /presentation collage image - dilameart

People of the SEA

A universal collection inspired by the Sea, its colors and its creatures.

between the stars collezione-dilameart

Between the STARS

A collection inspired by the Stars and the universe, for all lovers of astronomy and space research.

let's dance collezione dilameart


This Collection Is  Designed For All Lovers Of Dance, Of Any Genre And Style.

on the road collection-dilameart

On the ROAD

This collection is dedicated to all road travelers, by any means and for any purpose.

forever young collection-dilameart

Forever Young

A Collection Dedicated To The Little Ones, But Also To The Eternal Children And Their Memories.

Best Photo History (97-120) / Hard Backed Journal (A5) - dilameart


is the website that deals with the history of Photography and its protagonists. The website was founded, and is managed, by Dilameart, and is part of the “Best of Photography” project that started with the opening of the homonymous Facebook page in 2011:

 (https://www.facebook.com/BESTofPHOTOhistory) .

For the followers of this project DilameART has created a series of articles and gadgets inspired by the History and World of Photography.


Rolley/ Waterproof Backpack - dilameart
Future Girl F1 / Unisex Hoodie - dilameart
Lollipop / RoundBAG - dilameart
bad boys/poster opaco 36"x 24" -dilameart
dilameart brand collection /presentation collage image

Support DilameART’s activity, if you like her creations, buying a product with her logo. This gesture will be highly appreciated by the artist.

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