You can place an order for DilameART products in two ways:

-complete and submit the order as an unregistered user

-create an Account on this website by registering the required details and creating a password that will be associated with the corresponding username. Complete and submit your order online through your account. This will simplify the purchase process for subsequent orders.

Orders placed on the DilameART website are forwarded within a maximum of 24 hours, to the suppliers closest to the buyer. This is to contain as much as possible the subsequent shipping costs by courier. The supplier usually takes 2-3 working days (excluding holidays) to make and ship the product (remember that the products for sale on DilameART are 99% products Print on Demand, therefore not available in stock). When the supplier receives the order from Dilameart, he will send an e-mail communication to the buyer and will keep him updated on subsequent developments until the final delivery of the goods via the trusted courier.

Obviously, shipping times depend on the distances between the production center and the buyer’s home. So they can vary from user to user. Generally, it is possible to time the following time between: the moment of the order on the Website to the moment of receipt of the ordered product:

from 6 hours to 1 day max = order receipt on DilameART and forwarding to the supplier

2 to 3 days = manufacture of the product by the supplier

from 3 to 15 days max = shipping time depending on the distance to the final destination.

From this it appears that the time of receipt of the product from the time of ordering on the website should not exceed 20 days in the most extreme cases (if this occurs, see the document “Refunds and Returns). Let’s take a few examples, from the most linear to the most complicated:

product ordered in the USA, the supplier is in the USA: 6 hours of order forwarding + 1 day of production + 3 days of shipping = the product is delivered in a maximum of 5 days

product ordered in Europe, the supplier is in Australia: 8-12 hours for placing the order + 3 days of production + 14 days of shipping = the product is delivered in approximately 18 days.

For this reason is very important to evaluate the shipping costs of the products ordered: because they refer to different suppliers located in parts of the world differently distant from you. Similarly, for the same product, a buyer closer to the production center than another will pay a lower price for it.

For this reason DilameART undertakes to observe a “balanced” pricing policy so that the shipping costs for anyone who orders its products, from anywhere in the world, do not have an unsustainable impact on the desire to purchase its products. Dilameart’s “profit” will always be the same for each product.

It is also important to underline another aspect due to the fact of using different suppliers for their products: if a buyer orders 2 or more different products it is almost certain that he will not receive the two products together but, since the suppliers are different, each will manage the its order according to its own times and ways. This involves receiving 2 or more emails from shipping suppliers and couriers, as well as varying delivery times. The shipment of each product will in any case be traceable, as well as subsequent delivery attempts in case the recipient cannot be found.