DilameART makes use, in the production of the products for sale on this Website, of various trusted suppliers in different parts of the world. These suppliers also take care of the subsequent phase of shipment of the products. The quality of the workmanship, as well as the shipping times, are tested in advance and in 99% of cases there were no problems inherent to these procedures.

However, it is possible that some situations arise for which DilameART directly guarantees the free replacement of the product or its reimbursement, including the shipping costs incurred. They are:

The product received is completely different from the one ordered (ie it is a different kind of product. Example: I order a t-shirt but I get a cup)

The product received is different from the product originally represented on our site (Example: I order a print on canvas of 18 “x 24” and instead the same subject arrives, but with a different print size. Another example: I order a canvas with colors tending to ‘orange, but I get the same subject with colors tending to blue. Another example: the images that advertise the product on the site do not represent it as it really is)

In all these cases, the buyer can choose between replacing the product with the one actually ordered, at no additional cost, or reimbursing the order according to the timing of the payment method used.

The procedure for obtaining a replacement or refund is very simple: just send an e-mail to: with:

order number and / or buyer’s details

2-3 photos of the product upon receipt of the package, where the disputed problem is clearly visible

Our customer service will review your request. If your request is approved, we will provide you with a free replacement.

There are other cases in which the problems encountered are not directly attributable to DilameART, but to its suppliers and therefore, to the couriers they use. And I’m :

the product arrives defective (Example: a bag with a defective zipper) = supplier error

Print quality is poor (Example: a faded design T-shirt) = supplier error.

the product arrives damaged or broken (Example: a broken cup) = error by the shipping and delivery company

huge delay in product delivery (see “Orders and Shipments” document)

non-delivery of the product after 30 days (see “Orders and Shipments” document)

In these cases it is possible to obtain the replacement of the product or the refund, but by contacting the competent person directly.

The procedure to be used is the same as seen above but you must write to the e-mail address that arrives to the buyer once the order has been placed. In fact, as you can learn more on the “Orders and Shipping” page, once the order is placed, it is taken over by the supplier who will manage the subsequent phases and will constantly keep the buyer informed of further developments until final delivery.

If at this stage the buyer encounters procedural problems, he can write to the client support e-mail address: to obtain advice and help in resolving the dispute.

In general, returns and refunds are not accepted in these cases:

incorrect selection of sizes, colors, product design

In these cases, the fault lies with the inattention of the buyer for which the request for reimbursement is impossible. However, although each item of clothing for sale on the site is accompanied by an extremely meticulous “Size Guide”, if there is a large error in choosing the right size, it is possible to request a free replacement of the same item of clothing with that of the right fit (but only once).

Unfortunately it is not technically possible to cancel or modify an order that has already been processed but by law the buyer has the right to request withdrawal from the purchase contract within 14 days of receipt of the product without specifying the cause. In this case, the buyer must:

return the product intact at your own expense, without signs of use or damage, to Dilameart, to the address that will be provided by Customer Service.

Once the item has been received, Dilameart will check the integrity of the goods and will refund only the value of the product, according to the payment method used by the buyer.